Social Media User Types

What kind of social media marketing species are you?


We all love social media marketing right? It’s the latest ‘in’ thing to be doing in digital marketing. And we all do it differently. In fact there are is a whole new species that has emerged out of the wood work that does social media marketing. Here’s a quick glossary to identify and spot them.

The Faker

He is the one who would possibly put a Jason Bourne to shame with the number of fake alias he has. With numerous fake profiles across multiple social media platforms he effortlessly channelizes his posts across a zillion social media accounts using sophisticated posting tools.  He is the one who gets politicians and shady firm’s a million likes within a month.

Easily identifiable by the utter lack of depth of information on any of his profiles.

The Spammer

The Spammer works on the simple principle that everyone on social media is a sitting duck for his promotional messaging. He flits effortlessly into every group and community on social media and inflicts his own brand of fire & brimstone promotional messages working on the logic that someone, somewhere will like/comment/click through his post. Completely devoid of any creativity, this social media marketer will dull your senses with his inane posts.

Easily identifiable by the standard promo messages that that extolls you to buy now.

The Hi-Jacker

The Hi-Jacker is an astute social media marketer with little sense of propriety. He is the terrorist on the prowl scanning social media posts which he can hi-jack with his promotional comment. He looks for posts that show high degree of conversation and then butts in with his own comment that invariably leads to his product/service/application.

Easily identifiable by the hyperlinked post that shows up in your comment box highlighting his brand.

The Lurker

The Lurker is a more sophisticated social media marketer. He is the James Bond who prides himself on prowling the net, seeking conversations that he can butt into and seed his promotional messages. He lurks on the sidelines waiting for the opportune moment and then Bang! , his messages prop up that inadvertently seeks to invite you to visit his website or his page

Identifiable from the rather diverse opinion expressed in a group conversation that leads to an external un-connected website/page

The Liker

The Liker is the ultimate con-man on the prowl looking for his next mark. He is the Nigerian scamster peddling social likes and followers to hapless victims.  This predatory species will nail you with his low cost and high guaranteed social likes and once nailed you will be pleasantly surprised when you social page likes or followers jump dramatically to the promised number. Pleasantly surprised that is until you discover that 99% of the likes or follows have come from some obscure country out of Africa/ Asia/Eastern Europe.

Easily identifiable from the un-believable offer he has to make to you.

The Honey Trapper

This social media marketer lays a honey trap to gain customers. He carefully invites consumers to like his page through sexy and beautiful looking display pictures of women. Targeting men in general who love being ‘friends’ with good looking women, he exploits this weakness by drawing them into his fold.  Don’t be surprised if the coy friend who was so anxious to be-friend you doesn’t respond to your questions.

Very easily identifiable through display pictures of beautiful looking women.

The Specialist

The specialist is an endangered species and possibly a dying breed given the mad desire to become social aggressive. The specialist posts content that he believes his consumers like to read/view. He researches and tries to gain insights on his consumer so that he can tailor make his content to their need.

Not frequently seen or easily identified. Endangered. Please help support this species.

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