Improve Facebook Ad Relevance Score

Improve your Ad effectiveness with Facebook relevance scores


In late February Facebook rolled out a small new feature called the “Relevance Score” Tucked away within the campaign report, the relevance score tells advertisers how ‘relevant’ their ad creative is to the audience that is being targeted. The relevance score (ranked on a 1 to 10 scale) is a relative score of your creative’s relevance vis-à-vis other creatives being shown to the same audience.

Understanding the importance of the relevance score and taking it into account in your Facebook Campaign will help in overall improvement of your ad campaign- the Holy Grail for anyone spending any money on Facebook

Where to find your relevance score

The relevance score is not available on a campaign level but rather rightly so at the creative level.  The score shows up only if your ad creative has received a minimum of 500 impressions. You can view the score by clicking on the campaign link and viewing the creative. The average score of the creative is displayed as well as the score over the duration of the campaign. You also get to know the degree of positive and negative feedback to your creative.

Importance of the relevance score

As an advertiser, you compete with hundreds of other advertisers targeting the same audience set. Hence Facebook has an algorithm that determines which add is to be shown and when it is to be shown and to which audience.  Having a high relevance score increases your chance of it showing up in the news feed of your audience. On the converse, a lower score will show your ad to fewer people.

Net, net, the impact a relevance score has on your campaign effectiveness is that it can affect your advertising cost.

Since your ad is competing with other ads for the same audience set, your ad with a lower relevance score will need to reach out to far higher number of people to be as just as effective. Since Facebook charges on a per impression basis ultimately, the more effective your add is in converting the audience to your objective, the lower is the cost of the campaign.

Adds with a higher relevance score will not only be shown to the audience more regularly but will also result in much better click through.

Improving Ad Relevance Scores

There is only one way to improving your ad relevance score and that is by paying greater attention to the communication messaging that is being sent out to your audience. For long, both clients and agencies have paid little respect to the importance of the creative communication process when it comes to digital marketing. The focus has largely revolved around tools and methodologies ignoring the fundamental principle of marketing communication- that of creating communication that appeals to the audience.

A good creative communication can go a long way in improving your add relevance score and bringing down your overall campaign costs. Here are some ways and means to do this.

  1. Test out different creative sets with your audience to see which creative appeals more and has a higher relevance score. A/B Testing will help determine the most effective creative piece
  2. Splice your audience size into bit sized units. Most marketers tend to generalize audience behavior and creatives are often crafted keeping a generic audience in mind. However not all audience sets are the same. Different audience sets will react differently to different communication pieces. By splicing your audience into smaller bit sized units and testing different communication pieces with them will help one to have a better and more effective ROI
  3. Optimize your campaign by regularly monitoring the ad relevance score. Fatigue and over exposure of the same creative often leads to what is called a ‘blind spot’ where your audience will no longer notice or simply gloss over your creative. This would be time to spice up your campaign with another set of newer creative and bring freshness to the campaign.

Marketing on any medium is a finely derived art form coupled with science at the backend. On the digital front analytics significantly help marketers gain better insights to deliver better performance of their campaign.  This becomes even more critical in a medium like Facebook where the social actions on your creative can be as powerful as the click through that you get on your campaign. The Relevance score is finally bringing this importance back onto the marketing table.

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