Facebook For B2C Businesses

How to use Facebook for B2C businesses


I hope you know that simply creating a Facebook page and bombarding your followers with your products left, right and centre is not the way to go about doing things. Those are 3 Facebook marketing don’ts you’re already guilty of committing.

Facebook marketing for B2C consumers is actually a lot more difficult (and simple) than it sounds. Confused? Well, here, let me be clearer to you –

First things first – Be available

But not all the time. Geez.

Facebook is about your consumer, not about you or your products and services. If posting 24×7 about your stuff on FB was such a great idea, why would multinational corporations shell out millions of dollars on social media managers? That’s because these people understand the balance between being available to consumers, and badgering them with incessant updates, and utilize it to the best of their advantage.

If all that you’re going to do is advertise your products all the time, it’s going to turn off your consumers and they’ll either hide your updates from their news feeds or worse, unlike your page. Conversely, if you’re going to take a week to respond (or not bother responding at all) that really isn’t going to go down well. Learn to strike a balance. Mix and match your content.

Which brings me to my next post –

Know what to post and when to post it

Of course, one of the most effective ways to do this is by following the pages of your B2C competitors and industry pioneers to see which posts of theirs receive the maximum engagement levels from consumers. But then if you don’t know much about Facebook, you’re likely to make many mistakes while observing these stats, which is why you can turn to third party softwares and tools to help you out.

Once such tool is the Edgerank Checker. It helps you understand (among other things) the following factors –

  • Best time of the day to post your updates
  • Most popular keywords which give you maximum consumer engagement levels
  • How frequently you should update

Interact with your audience

Do you know one big mistake that small business owners are consistently guilty of making? Minimal interaction with their Facebook users. It’s like “Hey, I got 500 likes on my page. I won’t bother with it till my page reaches 2000 likes.” But that’s not how you do Facebook B2C Marketing. A short bio, a few updates a map to your store won’t cut the deal. Do you know what puts people off the most about pages? Pages that are dead i.e. have zero activity on it.

So if someone asks a question, reply to it. If someone posts a comment on your wall, respond to it. Did someone appreciate your update? Thank them. It makes your B2C consumers feel wanted and appreciated. Embrace engagement and interaction with your consumers because that’s the only way you’re gonna get consumers to truly interact with you.

Incentivize Your Audience (With Something They Actually Want)

But how do you incentivize people? Well, there are so many ways –

  • Contests
  • Virtual gifts
  • Sweepstakes
  • Offers
  • Special promotions

And what can you give the winners?

  • Discounts
  • Gift vouchers
  • Gift cards
  • Special access (like backstage passes)

Encourage your B2C page’s members to share your updates so that their friends can join in on the contests. And just see as the number of likes on your page increases!

Or here’s another way of going about things – if you’re the owner of a new restaurant in your town, encourage people to “check in” on Facebook when they visit you. Announce that anybody who does so will get a 10% discount. Or if someone writes a positive review on Facebook, they’ll get desserts free with their meal. You get the gist, right?

And always be sure that when you share an offer or a prize, it’s available to people from all over the country (or the world). Nobody likes to visit a Facebook page with an offer that’s not available where they live. What would the bloody point even be, right? You’d immediately drive away potential audience. And plus, why would anybody even like a page that isn’t catering to the people of their region?

Make use of Social Media Widgets Wherever Possible

Why don’t you make use of these plugins on your website? A lot of people think that widgets are useless, but they’re all wrong. Why? Let me give you an example.

Imagine that you’ve written an astounding article. Now you want people to share it, but how will they do it? Copying the URL of your article, opening their Facebook profiles, pasting it on their update section, waiting for the thumbnail to load and then hitting on “post”? Dude, nobody’s got the time for that.

Widgets are free and they make it very convenient for people to share your posts and products directly to their social media profiles. In fact, they provide consumers with a better level of engagement, which in turn means more traffic to your website. And don’t stop at Facebook – get the widgets for other social networking websites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+

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