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Guide to Social Media Strategy


What Is Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Very simply put, a social media marketing (SMM) strategy is a summation of all the tactics and activities that one would implement and execute for the business using social networks. An ideal social media strategy should consists of various methodologies, including social marketing calendars, social profile audits, content creation plans, messaging and setting up of  SMM goals, to ensure you’re getting the maximum ROI on efforts.

Here is Impact’s guide to formulating a winning social media strategy –

Set Social Media Objectives

Setting objectives is an integral part of ensuring an effective result for your social media game plan. Not setting an objective is like driving without a plan. Setting objectives will result in evaluation of every activity and course correction.

The goals you create can be simple benchmarks like setting the number of incremental Facebook likes, shares or  re-tweets, or they could involve more intense  metrics like website traffic referred, consumer reaction and the number of leads generated with social media updates. Of course, it’s always recommended you go for the complicated plans, but to each their own!

And always remember that your goals should be SMART ie Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant And Time-Bound. Look it up.

Conduct Social Media Audits

Social media audits enable one to better understand the demographic build-up of audiences connected to one’s existing social profile and matching them with the desired audience profile for your brand.

The accounts should be SEO optimized and all of them should have complete information linking back to your contact details and website. Non-relevant information should be removed and immediate reporting should be done of fake or fraudulent accounts in your name.

Social Media Inspiration

The biggest reason for being active on various social media networks is that your consumers are already there. On the flipside, this also means that your competitors are active there as well. Instead of being discouraged, you should take that as a positive sign, knowing that there is already a plethora of information on the social networks regarding the likes and dislikes of audiences for your products and services. Do a thorough research on what your demographic likes and dislikes the most, and use that information to update your SMM plan. This helps you in getting the best social media engagement possible.

Still confused? Follow industry experts and trend setters on their social media accounts and see what their fans and followers respond best to.

Always Have a Content Calendar

No SMM plan is complete without a stellar content creation and marketing plan. Make sure that your go-to-social activity plan includes not just the creation of content but also its curation and publication.   Posting content without having a plan is like going scuba diving without your gear – pointless. Content marketing is highly strategic, and you should always keep that in mind.

So, what’s a content calendar? Well, it is a calendar which basically helps you understand what is to be posted when, and why. It is the necessary framework for you in order to build trust with your fans and followers, as well as reaching as many of them as possible. Timing is also of utmost importance when coming up with a calendar. If you’re selling baby clothes, putting your post out at 1 am would be a waste. Get the drift?

Test and Evaluate Your Social Media Marketing Plan

No SMM plan is complete without this step, and you should always ask the following 3 questions to know where you stand –

  1. Which is that one thing (not two, not three or anything more) which I’ll be testing today?
  2. What metric will best reflect the measurement of the success of my plan?
  3. Did I collect enough and accurate data to ensure that no flukes were involved?

The social world is a huuuuuuge universe and the data points are best explored using analytic tools that are readily available. Some of the best analytic tools give a free or trial version allowing you to test your social media impact before you make the decision to buy. Try and Buy is the adage to be followed.

Most small business (and even at times large businesses!) tend to view social media as merely a place where one does a regular post. They do so under the belief that posting = social media marketing. Nothing could be further from the truth. The true worth of social media marketing lies in be able to build a strong and loyal community base of fans and this is best done through a proper planned approach to social media

About Impact:

Impact is a 9 year old digital marketing agency with special focus on helping SME’s leverage the digital world through an effective combination of social media, content marketing and website positioning that lead on to developing in-bound leads. Impact also owns Agencyonnet, a B2B marketplace for SME’s looking to hire marketing services providers on an open platform.

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