How To Advertise On LinkedIn

How to Advertise on LinkedIn at 1/4th the CPC cost


Advertising on LinkedIn is perhaps on the most expensive medium for all B2B marketers . With its sharply defined professional database and ability to segment that database any which way one wants, makes it a B2B advertiser’s delight. But the cost becomes prohibitively high leading many to ignore this medium

As a digital marketer myself, I had for long salivated over LinkedIn as a B2B medium but the exorbitant CPC costs of advertising on  this medium usually worked extremely well as a dampener. After exploring LinkedIn, I usually advised my clients to use their monies on other mediums like Google. But yet, I kept coming back and wondering “If only I could have LinkedIn in my media plan at the cost of a Google CPC”  

Mission Impossible I used to say to myself until the day I test ran 3 different campaigns for my company on LinkedIn and broke the secret code of getting my CPC down to ..well actually below Google CPC rates!

Here are the results of the 3 campaigns I ran with a small budget

Campaign 1

B2B startups

B2B start-up entrepreneur

The first campaign I ran was a blog that I had written on my experiences as a startup entrepreneur titled Diary of a B2B Marketplace Startup Entrepreneur.

I targeted this blog to the Venture Capital &  Private Equity Industry across the country with the designations of Manager, Senior, VP,Partner, CXO,Owner & Director.

The Campaign ran for 8 days with a total budget of Rs. 2000/-




Campaign Results

  • 13,084 Impressions
  • 114 Clicks
  • CTR-0.871%
  • Avg CPC- INR 14/- ($0.19 cents) !!!
  • Additional Social Actions
    • 27 company follows

Campaign 2

Social & Content Marketing Survey 2016

Social Marketing Survey

The 2nd Campaign was a Social Media and Content Marketing Survey that my company had launched called Social & Content Marketing Survey 2016.

Since the objective was to reach  out to marketing and advertising professionals, the campaign was targeted to the job functions- Marketing & Media and Communications Additional filters applied were company size where I chose companies with over 11 employees , ignoring the Myself & 1-10 employee sized companies. I then chose to further filter it with a seniority level and chose only Manager, Senior, VP and Director level professionals.

The Campaign was targeted on an All India basis with an allocated budget of Rs. 5000/- LinkedIn showed that there were an estimated 2.15 lac professionals that fitted the above criteria

The Campaign ran for 5 days concurrently with Campaign 1

Campaign Results

  • 40,675 impressions
  • 109 clicks
  • CTR-0.268%
  • Avg CPC- Rs. 46/- ($ 0.68 cents)
  • Additional Social Actions
    • 50 company follows

Campaign 3

4 Digital Marketing Imperatives for the Education Business

4 Digital Marketing Imperatives for the Education Business

The 3rd Campaign I tested out was a marketing informational blog out of my company knowledge section targeted at the education vertical- a segment that my company is targeting.

The Blog was titled 4 Digital Marketing Imperatives for the Education Business and the objective was to reach out to potential prospects in this vertical and seed our company name and thought leadership stance.

The target audience this time was restricted to only the Delhi NCR area

Other filters used were the industry I targeted which were Primary/Secondary Education, Higher Education, Education Management & E-Learning. I also targeted basis the seniority and chose only Manager, Senior, VP, Partner, CXO, and Owner & Director.

Further targeting filters were applied to the size of the company, where I chose only to show my campaign to companies with 1-10 employees and above.

The total audience size was estimated to about 31,000 professionals in Delhi NCR. I set aside a budget of Rs. 2,500/- for this campaign.

The campaign began concurrently with the other 2 campaigns and is almost ending as I write this. It has now been running for 12 days.

Campaign Results

  • 18,799 impressions
  • 98 clicks
  • CTR 521%
  • Avg CPC- Rs.24/- ($ 0.35cents approx.)
  • Additional Social Actions
    • 19 company follows

Campaign Summary Results


CampaignImpressionClicksCTRAvg CPC (INR)LikesSharesCompany Follows
Campaign 113,0841140.871%1414027
Campaign 240,6751090.268%4634350
Campaign 318,799  980.521%2414419

Total Campaign Spends- Rs. 8931/- ($133.3)

Under normal circumstances to generate 321 clicks on LinkedIn, I would have had to pay nothing less than Rs.36, 915 ($ 550) with an Avg. CPC of Rs.115/- ($1.7). How did we manage to achieve the impossible? How did we manage to consistently bring down the CPC to 1/4th the price that anyone else would have paid?

At Impact we call this our secret sauce”, the very essential ingredient that sets us apart from other digital marketing agencies. We experiment with our money so that our clients get the very best of our earned knowledge. To know more about our special “secret sauce” on how to advertise on LinkedIn without losing your shirt, and other ‘sauces’ in our repertoire of digital marketing tactics call us over for a cup of coffee to your office.  We only share trade secrets with our clients.

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About the author

Rajesh Menon is the Managing Director of Impact Marketing Services, a 10 year old agency that specializes in digital marketing. He also runs and manages a B2B global marketplace called Agencyonnet that provides clients with the technology platform to source, evaluate and hire agencies across 50+ categories anywhere in the world. Rajesh is an avid blogger and is contactable on Twitter @aon_menon

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