Supporting Strategic Growth
Through Account Based Marketing

Identify, Engage & Convert with strategic accounts that drive real business growth.
As an ABM agency we work with top notch brands globally influencing key
account stakeholders

Account Based Marketing Services

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We drive omni-channel marketing initiatives to reach, influence and ultimately help you convert your prospective account into active customers
– whether it be in cross mining or new
account gains


We work with you to co-create the right messaging content and collaterals that can actively engage with your prospects both within and outside the funnel. As an ABM agency we are creatively driven with strong marketing insights


We work with you to identify who your key strategic accounts are domestically or globally. Pin-point the key influencers and decision makers who can drive your next BIG growth

Account Based Marketing Services

ABM is not a

At Impact, we do not believe in the adage that one approach that has worked for one company can be replicated for another. We are technology agnostic i.e our technology stack for ABM is designed to fit each company’s unique marketing and sales challenge.

Sometimes when you are approaching a new vertical, the ABM approach needs to be different compared to when you are diving deeper into an existing segment. We work with stakeholder in client organization to drive a strong strategic framework that works for you, for your set of accounts and for your domain and your geography.

Our expertise lies across multiple domains and geos

Account Based Marketing Clientele

New Account acquisition + Lapsed Account re-generation across US & Europe

Account Based Marketing Clientele

New Account Acquisition across US, Europe & Japan

Account Based Marketing Clientele

New Account Acquisition in New Verticals across US & Europe

Account Based Marketing Clientele

New Account Acquistion across emerging markets- MENA, Africa & Eastern Europe

Account Based Marketing Clientele

New Account Acquisition & Inactive Account re-generation across India

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We admit we do not know it all.

We admit we are still on a learning curve and we are learning new things and new ways of not doing something! And with each learning curve we cross, our
client’s benefit with the knowledge. If you would like to set up a no-obligation chat with our CEO and chief strategist on ABM, please fill in the form below