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As a full service agency, Impact Marketing helps businesses grow exponentially through digital and marketing services. With our 9-year track record, proven thought leadership experience & diverse sectoral experience, Impact is your one-stop shop agency.

How To Find The Right Digital Marketing Agency

How to find the right digital marketing agency

Finding a good digital marketing agency to plan and execute your digital marketing can be…

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How To Be A Thought Leader In Your Agency Domain

How to be a thought leader in your agency domain

It’s no secret that client’s love to deal with thought leaders- experts in their domain.…

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How Agencies Stay Competitive And Profitable

How Agencies Stay Competitive and Profitable

Ted Horton (name changed) runs a relatively mid-sized agency which among other things also provides…

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How To Advertise On LinkedIn At 1/4th The CPC Cost

How to Advertise on LinkedIn at 1/4th the CPC cost

Advertising on LinkedIn is perhaps on the most expensive medium for all B2B marketers .…

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Is PPC Eating Into Your Marketing Budget?

Is PPC eating into your marketing budget?

PPC marketing is a fundamental form of digital advertising that marketers do when one wants…

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Social Media Strategy For Tech Brands

Social Media Strategy for Tech Brands

Developing a social media strategy for Tech brands and firms is vastly different from that…

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Guide To Social Media Strategy

Guide to Social Media Strategy

What Is Social Media Marketing Strategy? Very simply put, a social media marketing (SMM) strategy…

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9 Digital Marketing Trends And Predictions

9 Digital Marketing Trends and Predictions

In today’s time and age, it’s almost impossible to have a business and not have…

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How To Use Facebook  For B2C Businesses

How to use Facebook for B2C businesses

I hope you know that simply creating a Facebook page and bombarding your followers with…

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