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As a full service agency, Impact Marketing helps businesses grow exponentially through digital and marketing services. With our 9-year track record, proven thought leadership experience & diverse sectoral experience, Impact is your one-stop shop agency.

4 Digital Marketing Initiatives Every Travel Business Must Have

4 digital marketing initiatives every travel business must have

In today’s digitally connected world it’s no longer a question of whether a business should…

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3 Rules To Generate Leads Through Content Marketing

3 Rules to generate leads through content marketing

Lead generation through content marketing is like going to Siberia. Everyone knows where it is…

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Ten Tips To Building A B2B Social Media Presence

Ten tips to building a B2B social media presence

Our customers are a connected audience today, whether they be on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and…

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5 Stop Signs For Facebook Marketing

5 stop signs for Facebook marketing

A few days back I got a frantic call from an ex-intern. He had moved…

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8 Common Reasons Why Email Marketing Fails

8 common reasons why email marketing fails

The other day I accepted a LinkedIn request from a young lady to connect. A…

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6 Reasons To Outsource Your Digital Marketing

6 reasons to outsource your digital marketing

Today is the era of Do It Yourself (DIY). The internet has provided companies, especially…

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4-step Rule To Selecting The Right Digital Agency

4-step rule to selecting the right digital agency

If you are in marketing buying services you’re likely to have faced this problem several…

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5 Steps To Better PR For Your Business

5 steps to better PR for your business

PR can be a powerful promotional medium for businesses if used correctly. However for most…

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Essential Guide To Successful Trade Show Participation

Essential guide to successful trade show participation

For every business, big or small, participating in trade shows is an effective way to…

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