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As a full service agency, Impact Marketing helps businesses grow exponentially through digital and marketing services. With our 9-year track record, proven thought leadership experience & diverse sectoral experience, Impact is your one-stop shop agency.

Conducting A Business Event- 9 Steps To Follow

Conducting a Business Event- 9 steps to follow

Business to Business Event Marketing is a tried and established route to increase your business…

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How To Drive Student Admissions With Effective Content Marketing

How to drive student admissions with effective content marketing

In our 4 Digital Marketing Imperatives for Education Business we had touched upon the criticality…

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5 Secrets To Making LinkedIn Groups Work For You

5 secrets to making LinkedIn groups work for you

LinkedIn groups is a community of likeminded professionals from the same industry or interest area…

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Is Facebook Marketing Bad For Businesses?

Is Facebook marketing bad for businesses?

I recently came across an interesting post titled Facebook pages are bad for small businesses.…

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What Kind Of Social Media Marketing Species Are You?

What kind of social media marketing species are you?

We all love social media marketing right? It’s the latest ‘in’ thing to be doing…

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8 Marketing Lessons To Be Learnt From The Delhi Elections

8 Marketing Lessons to be learnt from the Delhi Elections

The 2015 Delhi Election saw the Aam Aadmi Party get a massive 96% of the…

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