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Healthcare marketing using Digital and Social Media

Healthcare Marketing requires an indepth knowledge of digital marketing. Read through our articles that tell you how to plan and implement digital marketing programs for your healthcare company.

How To Use Facebook  For B2C Businesses

How to use Facebook for B2C businesses

I hope you know that simply creating a Facebook page and bombarding your followers with…

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6 Best Marketing Practices For B2B Marketing

6 best marketing practices for B2B marketing

It really does not take a marketing genius to tell you that 2014 was all…

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6 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make With Google AdWords

6 mistakes you don’t want to make with Google AdWords

Alright, let’s face it – Google is the King of the internet. If you want…

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Using Content Marketing To Build A Thought Leadership Platform

Using content marketing to build a thought leadership platform

And before I explain what my article is all about, let me first tell you…

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Ten Tips To Building A B2B Social Media Presence

Ten tips to building a B2B social media presence

Our customers are a connected audience today, whether they be on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and…

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5 Stop Signs For Facebook Marketing

5 stop signs for Facebook marketing

A few days back I got a frantic call from an ex-intern. He had moved…

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