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As a work place, Impact attempts to bring out the best in its employees through an open and challenging work sphere where employees are encouraged to learn and grow  and either move up or move out to start their own businesses.

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Work philosophy

Our work philosophy centres around three key principle’s that are core to our beliefs. One, that people irrespective of their hierarchy have an opinion that should count. Two, that motivation to work and to succeed is not a function of the salary that one draws and lastly, that the best work typically emerges from shared team work but that which is led by a strong leader.

We therefore encourage our people to be great team players but more importantly become inspiring leaders.

Why people join IMPACT

We tend to hire very slowly. For us it is more important to find the right person who will jell well with our passion and enthusiasm than to simply fill up a vacant post. We are constantly looking for that individual who can inspire others to make a difference and grow with us. Over the years we have realized that we seem to be doing the right thing because the primary reason why people tend to join us are:-

pointing      They love to be empowered with challenges

pointing      They hate office politics

pointing      They like to have freedom to innovate

pointing      They like to push the envelope and try new things

pointing      They like to learn new things

Why people leave us

We often tend to part ways with our employees. What gives us encouragement is the fact that the primary reason why employees choose to leave us is not because of higher pay but because they tend to get offered higher responsibilities after working with us!

pointing      They start their own businesses

pointing      They don’t want to perform and are asked to leave

pointing      They get hired by competition to take on larger responsibilities.

Looking to forever change your career?

If you are looking to fore ever change your career and life, consider putting in your application to us today for the following vacant positions.

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