Drive Conversations in
Accounts that Matter


Driving Revenue Growth

through Better Conversation

Whether you’re looking at 1-to-Many ABM or 1-to-1 or even 1-
to-Few, having the right conversations in the right manner with
the right person make a difference between real growth and
mediocre revenue.
At Impact we focus our efforts in developing a customized ABM
plan suited for your customers coupled with creating the right
mix of communication and content that will trigger

Full Services ABM

Cross-Border ABM or In-Country ABM

Our pure-play ABM services revolve around developing appropriate ABM strategic plans based on our client’s Go To Market challenges and customer insights. From problem articulation to account identification to developing ICP’s we work with our client’s in crafting geographic specific ABM strategies.
We strongly believe that one size doesn’t fit all. Customer nuances are unique to individual geos they work in and therefore whether you are focussing on implementing an ABM only in your country or whether you are exploring parts of the globe, we can support you

Content &
Communication Support
Driving conversations
that matter with the
right matter

What challenges an IT head in Africa may face may be completely unique compared
to his counterpart in say South East Asia. Our ABM content & communication
should ideally reflect this.
Conversations are driven when you engage with the right content, the right
messaging to the right audience. Our content & communication support services
help our clients navigate this by providing the needed insights culled from work that we have done across the globe with different diverse industry verticals. We work closely with the client content team or their content agency to craft the necessary content and develop the communication pieces that will be messaged to the right audience

Our expertise lies across domains and geos

Account Based Marketing Clientele

New Account acquisition +
Lapsed Account re-generation
across US & Europe

Account Based Marketing Clientele

New Account Acquisition
across US, Europe & Japan

Account Based Marketing Clientele

New Account Acquisition in
New Verticals across US &

Account Based Marketing Clientele

New Account Acquistion across
emerging markets- MENA, Africa
& Eastern Europe

Account Based Marketing Clientele

New Account Acquisition &
Inactive Account re-generation
across India

Start Your Journey With
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No matter what stage you are in, Newbie, Testing Waters or a Seasoned Practioner, you can benefit from our experience across verticals and geo

We admit we do not know it all.
We admit we are still on a learning curve and we are learning new things and new ways of not doing something! And with each learning curve we cross, our
client’s benefit with the knowledge. If you would like to set up a no-obligation chat with our CEO and chief strategist on ABM, please fill in the form below